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  1. Alliance School of Business

    Alliance School of Business, Alliance University is offering merit-based scholarships to deserving candidates.

      Sl. No.NMAT by GMAC ScoreScholarship No. of Scholarships
      1.210+50%Top 10 students
      2.180 to 20935%Top 10 students
      3.160 to 17925%Top 20 students
    • Candidates who apply to Alliance School of Business MBA or PGDM Program and meet the minimum NMAT scores as detailed above are eligible for the scholarships.
    • Top performing students in each of the categories would be awarded the scholarships.
    • Alliance Admissions Committee awards the NMAT scholarships based on the following criteria:
      • Academic Performance;
      • Nationalised Test Score and
      • Candidate performance in the Alliance Admissions Selection Process.
  2. Athena School of Management

    Athena School of Management is pleased to announce the launch of Special NMAT Scholarships exclusively for Students appearing for the NMAT by GMAC 2019 –

    • The Athena NMAT Gold Scholarship – One Scholarship of Upto 50% of Fees for a student who has a NMAT Score of more than 200.
    • The Athena NMAT Silver Scholarship – Three Scholarships of Upto 25% of Fees for a student who has a NMAT Score of more than 185.
    • The Athena NMAT Bronze Scholarship – Scholarships of Upto 15% of Fees for any student who has a NMAT Score of more than 160.

    Athena School of Management also has the following Scholarships available-

    • Profile Scholarship – Scholarships worth lakhs for students who have outstanding Profiles and/or Extra Curricular achievements.
    • Women in Management Scholarships – Special Scholarships are available for female applicants who are selected for admission
    • Rotaract/AIESEC/NCC Scholarship – Scholarships are available for Rotaractors/AIESECers both current & alumni and for NCC Cadets (Past & Present).
    • International Student Scholarship – Scholarships are available for International Students with excellent scores & profiles.

    Note: -

    • All scholarships are based on a composite evaluation process which includes Entrance Test Scores, Academic Records, Extracurricular Achievements, Work Experience (if any), Overall Profile and Personal Interviews.
    • Limited Number of Scholarships are available. Students are encouraged to apply early so that they have a higher chance of securing Scholarships.
    • Decisions of Athena School of Management with respect to Scholarships are final.
  3. Bennett University

    • Bennett University offers a scholarship for meritorious students based on their performance in national level tests.
    • Scholarship on tuition fees (2018)100%50% 30%20%10%
      NMAT by GMAC 2018 percentile95+90-9585-9080-8575-80
    • Additional 5% scholarship is offered to candidates with work experience greater than 2 years.
    • The total number of seats for the 2019-2021 batch is 90.
  4. BSE Institute Ltd

    NMAT score 180 and above.

    Aggregate graduation score 60% and above. B.E, B.Tech, B.CA , BSC.IT graduates will be given preference for Masters in Financial Technology Top 5 eligible applicants will be offered scholarship by BSE institute.

    All Applicant will have to appear for a Personal Interview round at BSE Institute.

    Description of scholarships

    • Scholarship
    • Seats
    • 20% tuition fee waiver
    • 5
  5. ITM Business School

    At ITM, we offer 20% scholarship on the academic fee at ITM University, Raipur and ITM Vocational Vadodara for all the NMAT students who scores more than 160 marks in NMAT and takes admissions with ITM.

    Moreover, ITM also offers scholarships upto 100% on first year fee for the students who appear in ITM Scholarship round and are eligible. ITM offers scholarships to the tune of 1 Crore every year and NMAT students would be eligible for it. 

  6. ISBR Business School

    Merit Scholarships and Industry Sponsored Scholarships for the year 2019

    ISBR Business School offers a variety of scholarships for meritorious and deserving candidates who wish to pursue their masters at ISBR. Scholarships are offered in the form of tuition fee waivers and extending upto 100% full ride.

    NMAT by GMAC Cut-off ScoreScholarship Category100% full ride 50% waiver on tuition fees25% waiver on tuition feesTotal Number of Scholarships to award
    A Score of 140 and aboveMerit / Industry Sponsored Scholarships5 Nos.5 Nos.5 Nos.15
    Sports Scholarship--5 Nos.5
    • ISBR Scholarship Committee reserves all rights on the award of scholarships.
    • Candidates meeting the required NMAT score cut-off are encouraged to apply. Refer to for details.
    • Award of scholarship is also contingent upon Academic Merit and other relevant achievements by the candidate as may be considered suitable by the Scholarship Committee of ISBR Business School.
  7. Jindal Global Business School

    Exclusive scholarships for NMAT by GMAC candidates

    • NMAT
    • Scholarship Amount
    • Scores
    • (In INR)
    • 201 & Above
    • 1,20,000
    • 196-200
    • 1,00,000
    • 180-195
    • 75,000
  8. SDA Bocconi Asia Center

    SDA Bocconi Asia Center offers merit-based tuition waivers. Dean’s Award and Women in Leadership Scholarship can be granted to admitted students based on merits. In addition to this, they have a Sports & Cultural Arts Scholarship.

    Students with NMAT by GMAC high test scores, strong academics, strong Interview performance and overall good profile may be awarded tuition waivers that can range from 30 to 80% on the tuition fees at the discretion of the scholarship committee.

  9. Thapar School of Management

    Emerging Leader Scholarships

    There are 75 Merit scholarships available under this category.

    Below is the description of various scholarships

    • Scholarship type
    • No. of scholarships available
    • for Candidates Applying through NMAT by GMAC scores
    • 50% tuition fee waiver
    • 10
    • 30% tuition fee waiver
    • 10
    • 20% tuition fee waiver
    • 10

    All applicants are eligible to appear for scholarship test. The test will be organised in premises of Thapar School of Management and has no fee. The scholarship test will be organised on day of admission process.

  10. Universal Business School

    Merit-based scholarship for NMAT by GMAC test-takers

    • Sr.
    • NMAT by GMAC score
    • Amount
    • 1
    • 180 +
    • INR 100,000
    • 2
    • 200 +
    • INR 200,000
  11. Note - The information on this page has been provided to us, by the university, school, or program. For the latest updated information, please visit the school or program site directly.